The Fox and Hounds Restaurant and Tavern

1298 Friess Lake Rd.,
Hubertus, WI
ph: (262) 628-1111
Mon-Thurs 4-9pm, Fri 4-10pm
Sat 3-10pm, Sun 3-9pm
LUNCH Sat & Sun 11am-3pm
BRUNCH Sun 10am-2pm
Fri & Sat 5PM-Close
Sat 7:30-11:30PM
And make sure to also visit
The Mineshaft Restaurant in Hartford, WI


If you believe your group is a good candidate for bookings at the Fox & Hounds, you are likely also playing the same circuit as those groups in the current lineup, and will be playing to similar demographic - we would like to see that schedule (preferably on-line).  Several of the people in the lineup play with other groups, but that does not necessarily mean that those other groups would fit the clientele at Fox & Hounds, so we would not be willing to put those groups in unless they also fit the criteria.

After reviewing the criteria and feel that your group is a good fit for our club, please contact our booking manager here for a review of your group.

NOTE: Although the Fox & Hounds is very pleased with the quality of the groups performing in our lounge, please remember that this is a business. With that said, we have removed (regretfully) some top quality groups from the lineup simply because they didn't help to get the word out to their fans that they were there, and wound up playing to an almost-empty room. We do our part to inform the community via newspaper ads, web calendar, on-site posters, and FaceBook Event listings. All we ask is that the groups do their part as well.

Some groups have brought in plenty of their fans, but those people also need to spend money in our establishment to make the entertainment a feasible investment for us. On the other hand, some groups may not be the very best in quality, but they fill the house with people that spend money - those groups will be brought back often.

So just a reminder that the quality of the music - although it is important - is not the only consideration for bringing groups into the Fox & Hounds lounge.